Mariusz Zarzycki


Quite ironic that my last post was titled 'Organisation'. Writing this post more than 3 months after my last is a bit challenging, to say the least. It fills me with certain guilt but as with everything we need to move forward. Again, tons to talk about. Plants I will... read more


Time has come to write another blog update! Thats great, it really is. I like writing here and so far the fact that I have a whole week to prepare has been amazing. Tons to talk about! Plants First comes the most important part of coming back from holiday: How... read more

Time is a marching arrow

I did not have time to update this because I got a very last-minute notice for a job which involved me going over to Germany for a week. So this past week I have only been doing that, I have tried to draw a bit. I even managed to get... read more

Books, plants and, games!

The past week I have been continuing progress on my dual-stick shooter game made in Godot (I will write a post about it), troubleshooting a lot of GDPR stuff, reading Heart of darkness more and, buying new plants. Game The focus with it has been primarily on tilesets and sprites.... read more

Initial commitment

I want to write more and one of the biggest stumps in writing is coming up with ideas to write about, so why not write about what you are doing; This way the plot is written for me and I can still get practice. I put this off for months... read more