Mariusz Zarzycki

Books, plants and, games!

The past week I have been continuing progress on my dual-stick shooter game made in Godot (I will write a post about it), troubleshooting a lot of GDPR stuff, reading Heart of darkness more and, buying new plants.


The focus with it has been primarily on tilesets and sprites. I am still finding my way in pixel art and I need a way to make the game feel a bit more unique. Here is a sneak peek:


With that said I am feeling really good about it so far. I have consistently devoted at least 30 minutes a day working out something with the game. It's become a real part of my day to day now.


I bought two lovely plants yesterday:
On the left is 'Green Orange', Chlorophytum Orchidastrum
On right is 'Peace Lily', Spathiphyllum Bellini

I want to get a lucky bamboo soon, just need to get rocks and a nice glass container!

Heart of darkness

The book by Joseph Conrad is quite something, it has a unique writing style that puts you in the eyes of the protagonist and so it is quite involving. I hope to finish it this week and maybe have some concrete thoughts; as of right now I think it is a great book.

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