Mariusz Zarzycki


Quite ironic that my last post was titled 'Organisation'. Writing this post more than 3 months after my last is a bit challenging, to say the least.
It fills me with certain guilt but as with everything we need to move forward.

Again, tons to talk about.


I will get pictures later but for now, descriptions will have to do.
I have started trying to get 13 (yes, thirteen) chestnut seeds to germinate. From info online it seems that they can take from weeks to months and need to be placed in a refrigerator with some moisture in a sealed bag: done.
I have also 2 new avocado seeds sitting on my window sill, relaxing and cracking along. Hopefully, I will have some seedlings soon!

I am desperately trying to get a lemon seed going with very little success so far, but I will keep going.


Now, this has been the true frontier I need to conquer. I have finally read Heart of darkness and I have to say it was pretty much the worst book I have read to date, not much else to say there. I swiftly moved onto reading a few different things at a time, I am currently making my way through Dune, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and a few non-fiction books that I will list at a later date.


Work has been great! I am getting along with the clients I have, pushing forward to get work out the (digital) door and having fun while doing it. I have also been on the lookout for other opportunities, not quite sure what yet but if the right thing knocks on my door I think I will be ready to take it. Gotta be open to new paths in life right?


In general, I am feeling quite stressed, all day and every day. I deal with it bit by bit and the stress does not seem to stem from work but the lack of it.
I feel as if I need to out-achieve myself faster and faster. So I will keep pushing to do that while trying to manage the stress that comes from being too slow.


I want to keep going with this, so I will try and carry forth these blog posts on different topics that I encounter. So far I've just been covering my own life but I want to write a bit more informative posts to share with people that might need it.