Mariusz Zarzycki


Time has come to write another blog update! Thats great, it really is. I like writing here and so far the fact that I have a whole week to prepare has been amazing. Tons to talk about!


First comes the most important part of coming back from holiday: How are my plants doing?

There are majorly good news but a piece of bad news. One of my avocado plants dried out at the top so its going through a bit of a rough phase there.


That being said, I am so proud that they held up super well for a week without me. Awesome stuff :)


I snagged two new books up when I got back: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as well as Dune! This edition of Dune has a fantastic cover.


I absolutely love it.

Heart of darkness is progressing, slowly. But I am nearly done. The prose in that book really irks me and makes it hard for me to enjoy it fully. I look forward to reading the counter-part of that story, Things Fall Apart.


I have started learning German, which I am getting okay with. So far its only present tense and learning a lot of the basic grammar. I am reading 'Basic German' by Heiner Schenke and Karen Seago

Thats that for this week. I am pumped and exicted to be working again, and working on so many more things. Here's to more updates!